Civil Litigation

​​Rose Law Firm is a civil litigation firm dealing with all aspects of employment law and insurance litigation.  We offer a number of civil litigation services with a specific focus on employment litigation and insurance litigation.

With respect to insurance litigation, if your insurance benefits have been wrongfully denied, whether life insurance benefits, disability insurance benefits, mortgage life insurance benefits or otherwise, please contact the Rose Law Firm for a free review of your insurance policy and any correspondence related thereto to determine whether we believe you have a claim for the wrongful denial or termination of benefits. In the event we believe that you have a claim, we will commence an action against your insurance company, and depending on the circumstances, we will not be paid any fees until we collect a settlement or judgment on your behalf. 

With respect to our employment litigation services, if you have been wrongfully dismissed from your employment and would like a review of the termination package provided by your former employer, please contact the lawyers at Rose Law Firm.  We will make a determination whether your former employer has satisfied your rights and entitlements under the Employment Standards Act  R.S.O 2000 and under the common law.  

We have special expertise representing claimants in respect of workplace harassment and bullying law claims.  If you have suffered from a pattern of harassment in the workplace, do not let it continue. Contact the lawyers at Rose Law Firm now.

Our civil litigation law practice offerings include but are not limited to the following:

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