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Insurance Litigation

You have entered into a contract with your insurance company.  In an exchange for the payment of premiums, the insurer provides that they will pay out under the policy should a specific covered event occur.  The unfortunate event occurs and you have insurance coverage in place to protect you against loss.  You file an insurance claim with your insurance company. However, your insurance company denies your claim for benefits. Sound familiar? 

Insurance companies make a tremendous amount of money earning your premiums and when it's time to pay out under a policy, they are often hesitant to do so, referring to various provisions of their policies to deny coverage or benefits, and/or terminate your claim for insurance benefits.

We assist insureds in battling insurance companies in an effort to obtain due compensation.  We have experience fighting insurance companies on behalf of clients in the areas of disability insurance, life insurance, and mortgage life insurance benefits.

If your insurance benefits have been wrongfully denied, please contact Rose Law Firm.